International Biotechnology Symposium 2016 Scientific Program Committee








Prof Mark von Itzstein
IBS 2016 Scientific Program Committee Chair

Director, Institute for Glycomics

Griffith University

Glenn Cross





Prof Ian Gust


Biomedical Research Victoria and Victorian Biotechnology Advisory Council


Prof Mary Garson

Professor of Chemistry

The University of Queensland



Sir  Peter Gluckman

Chief Science Advisor to New Zealand’s Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister



Dr William Roush

Executive Director of Medicinal Chemistry

The Scripps Institute


Prof Francesco Nicotra

Chair of the IUPAC Subcommittee of Biotechnology

University of Milano-Bicocca


Prof Murray Moo Young

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

University of Waterloo

Prof Fengwu Bai






Distinguished Professor, Biochemical Engineering

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Dr Tai Hyun Park

Professor, School of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Seoul National University


Dr Teruyuki Nagamune

Professor, Chemical Bioengineering

University of Tokyo


Prof Tomas Macek

Professor of Biochemistry

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague


A/Prof Gary Schenk

ARC Future Fellow and Reader

The University of Queensland,


Prof Ross Barnard

Director of Biotechnology Program

The University of Queensland,



A/Prof Vito Ferro

Deputy Director, Biotechnology Program

The University of Queensland,


Kirsty Grimwade

National Conference and Event Manager