IBS 2016 speakers provide an exclusive preview of their presentation in the special conference edition of Australasian Biotechnology

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Paul Perreault Delivering the keynote plenary presentation Monday 24 October, 9:45am
Dr Kade Roberts Development of New Polymyxin Antibiotics with Improved Safety and Efficacy Tuesday 25 October, 4:00pm
Paul Young Speaking in the breakout session Vaccine Development Monday 24 October, 4:15pm
Gordon Wallace Speaking in the breakout session Nanobiotech Monday 24 October, 2:00pm
Trevor Lockett Speaking in the breakout session The structure, function and digestion of food Monday 24 October, 12:00pm
Gerhard Schenk and Lukke Guddat Discussing bioremediation and waste remediation Monday 24 October, 4:15pm
Wei Zhang Australia National Marine Science Plan: putting marine biotechnology and bioproducts into the economic agenda Wednesday 26 October, 3:30pm
Johan Verbeek New products for special needs, a new life for kamagra jelly protein by-products Monday 24 October, 12:15pm
Gunnar Liden High-solids processing of lignocellulosic biomass to sugars and ethanol Wednesday 26 October, 11:30am
Mary Ibarra Vidal Auxenochlorella Protothecoides as a source of lipids and antioxidants Tuesday 25 October, 12:00pm
Shi-Zhong Li Delivering a keynote presentation in Chemistry to biology: a new manufacturing possibility Wednesday 26 October, 3:30pm
Way C. Khor Production of Medium Chain Fatty Acids from Grass Wednesday 26 October, 4:15pm
Charles Harding Aa member of the panel providing a global update on intellectual property Monday 24 October, 1:30pm
Noel Chambers Getting rubber to hit the road: funding research for impact Tuesday 25 October, 11:00am
Mike Manefield Bioremediation of organochlorines in Australia Monday 24 October, 4:00pm