Boost your career at AusBiotech’s International BioFest 2016, the largest-ever gathering in the Australian life sciences

Experienced researchers, industry professionals and CEOs, together with leading biotechnology companies, startups and investors will meet at International BioFest 2016, a three-conference event that promises to be the largest-ever gathering in the Australian life sciences and a rare opportunity to propel your career.

To be held in Melbourne this October, International BioFest includes AusBiotech 2016, Australia’s flagship life sciences conference; the 17th International Biotechnology Symposium (IBS 2016), presenting the most advanced issues in biotechnology, green chemistry and its related fields; and Australia Biotech Invest, Australia’s life sciences investment showcase. The event will be hosted by AusBiotech, Australia’s biotechnology organisation. 

International BioFest provides delegates with a holistic view of current opportunities, representing the key fields of the global biotechnology ecosystem with events dedicated to academia, industry and investment.

Hear from academic experts in life sciences research

Inform your academic research with IBS 2016, featuring experts in life sciences research from around the world. The program, organised into several major themes, encompasses the diverse research interests of the life sciences and provides an extraordinary opportunity to engage with specialised projects undertaken by the field.

Key features include distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble crossing the Tasman to discuss peptide and peptidomimetic therapeutic agents, exploring how the synthesis of bioactive natural products become cancer vaccines agents to treat neurogenetic disorders, infectious disease and diabetes. Her presentation is a must-attend event for chemists, biologists and those interested in making complex molecules.

In addition to a focus on medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology, the program will address the potential of biotechnology to support and improve the environment. These sessions will cover bioremediation, waste remediation, biofuels and bioenergy. This presents a unique opportunity to engage with high-quality research and renowned researchers in the field, including Swinburne University’s Professor Linda Blackall, who will discuss how pathogen removal can be used to treat urban solid waste by composting.

Network with key industry leaders and gain professional industry insight

Links with industry will be strengthened at AusBiotech 2016, gathering biotechnology industry representatives with researchers from Australia and around the globe in one place, as one integrated network.

The first day of AusBiotech 2016 will see key industry provide a global update on the key issues faced by big pharma, which will include representatives from Bristol-Myers Squibb, Green Cross Holdings, MedImmune and AbbVie. 

If you are seeking to transform your research into a start-up or present your business opportunity to investors, dedicated investment streams across the three conferences will provide the guidance and insight to transform your knowledge into a successful business venture.  

Prof Ian Gust AO, who was part of the team that helped transform CSL from a small, locally focussed company into a major publically listed company, will reflect on the biotech industry past to provide insight for those in science, academia and start-ups aspiring to make it internationally. Or learn about risk and precaution in biotechnology innovation from Prof Sir Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister, Office of the Prime Minister, New Zealand.

The conference also provides platforms to enhance your networking opportunities. AusPartnering, AusBiotech’s business matching platform, manages your meetings and networking sessions to help you build connections across industry, academia and investment.

Special registration for academics

AusBiotech has arranged special registration rates for academics, which are available for teachers or scholars in a university or other institute of higher education. Gold and Silver registration packages are available to access multiple events at the International BioFest.

Contact AusBiotech to find out more about the opportunities the International BioFest presents.